Unique and elegant
bathroom design

If you dream of having a modern, stylish bathroom and are looking for a company that can design and build it for you, New Look Design Ltd in
Exmouth is the ideal choice.

Our Bathroom Services

  • Designer Bathrooms
  • Bathroom makeovers
  • Mobility bathrooms
  • Wet room design
  • Shower room renovation
  • The latest bathroom and shower room equipment
  • Steam generators, sauna and steam room equipment

As a popular bathroom design and installation company, New Look Design Ltd excels when it comes to providing contemporary bathroom designs. If your bathroom is in need of a complete transformation and you’re thinking of incorporating a luxury bathroom suite, contact us.

Our installation process has been honed to a fine art over many years and we’re known for the efficiency of our installations and how little we disrupt the day to day activities of our clients. Our process accounts for:

  • Covering up and protecting furnishings
  • Removing refuse within the same day
  • Minimising disturbance
  • Brief water and electricity cut-offs
  • Keeping essential services in operation
  • Advising immediately of any unforeseen or essential repairs

Comprehensive Bathroom Design Service

We start with a detailed consultation so your exact requirements are logged. We also conduct a free home visit so we can get an idea of your living space and what we need to do. After we have the design ready, We will present it for your approval and any amendments, before we start working on your project. Our products are of high-grade quality and are designed to add value to your property, both practically and financially. Our build process has been continually refined so that the process is smooth and minimally disruptive. If it’s a simple bathroom installation, we can help you too. We serve residential customers across East Devon.

Contact Our Team

We welcome enquiries at both ends of the spectrum, either for those who want a high end installation or those who simply require repairs and alterations. To discuss your requirements, call us now on 01395 223 345.